Saturday, May 23, 2015

Religion is conscious union with GOD

           ****Religion is conscious union with GOD*** 

  Sri Sri Mohanananda Brahmachari

Live constantly in the presence of the Divine .You have to live constantly with Him.Live in the feeling that He  is performing every actions in you.He is controlling every thought and action done by you.By offering every actions to Him,gradually you will attain True Sharanagati.
Offer all your movements to your SRI GURU,not only every  mental action,every thought and feeling, even the most ordinary and external actions,such as,eating,sleeping,walking,moving everything. In this simple process,an integral transformation will be gradually realized in you.


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A Brief introduction


SRI SRI MOHANANANDA BRAHMACHARI,One of the Greatest Yogis of independant India,was the Dearest disciple and successor of Sri Sri Balananda Brahmachari of Ram Niwas Brahmacharya Ashram at Deoghar,Bihar.

After years of' Sadhana"and rigorous penance SRI SRI MOHANANANDA BRAHMACHARI was directed by His GURU to work for the Spiritual and Moral upliftment of lay people in our contemporary materialistic society.

With His message of "DIVINE LOVE "and "DIVINE LEELA"(Play of Divine Powers) SRI SRI MOHANANANDA BRAHMACHARI MAHARAJ revealed to His True devotees the ease with which He resided simmultaneausly in two different planes of existence-the Physical and the Transcendental.

The Great Seer, True Advaitin,and above all a True Humanist,the manifestation of Divine Beauty on His personality is very similar to that of Sri Krishna Chaitanya. Today His countless devotees and disciples worship Him as a reincarnation of LORD Sri Krishna Chaitanya in their hearts. SRI SRI MOHANANANDA BRAHMACHARI’s life is the manifestation of Vaishnava philosophy in its loftiest form.